Representative Experience

Environmental Engineering

Professional Consulting Firm.

Built and led all financial, operational, science, IT and administrative support systems for a professional consulting firm, transitioning each element from two-person start-up into a consistently-profitable, fully-integrated, nationwide and top-ranked (ENR) operation consisting of 240 employees and nine offices. Acquired by a French conglomerate.

Environmental Sciences Project Management.

Led or managed > 100 projects for assessing and remedying soil and ground water contamination, developing water supplies, water resource management and environmental impacts. Included the first California state Superfund cleanup, the first settlement for environmental crimes between the U.S. and Mexico, some of Mexico’s first environmental audits, water supply risk assessments for the world’s largest planned coal slurry pipeline, and risk assessment of chemical contaminant migration over a 13 square mile basin that serves as a major drinking water source for a major metropolitan area.

Energy & Fuels

Biofuel Feedstock Production.

Explored market opportunities and technologies for building economically-sustainable, environmentally-responsible and fully-integrated biofuel business that produces biodiesel/ethanol fuels from sustainable (non-food) crops on marginal lands in the US and Mexico with the USDA and private industry. Identified and assessed feedstock types, bio-refinery and waste-to-energy technologies.

Renewable Power & Desalination.

Technical and strategic business consultant for public company building distributed power generation and seawater desalination systems using renewable energy sources.

GTL (gas-to-liquids) plants.

Financial and environmental permitting advisor to leading a GTL business building modular plants that produce premium gasoline from natural gas sources.

Energy Storage and Transport.

Business planning, strategic partner development and technical due diligence for creating, storing and transporting natural gas in solid form. Produced solution for capturing and beneficially using seven million cu ft/day of fugitive methane gas.

Transportation Technology

Vehicle Control Technology for ATN (Automated Transit Network) and PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) Systems.

Co-founded and serves as CFO/COO for Transit Control Solutions, Inc, a developer of world-class pod car, train and vehicle control technologies. Its highly-scalable and globally-applicable technology advancements will enable ATN systems to achieve significantly-increased capacity (3600 cars per-hour per-direction traveling at a speed of 60 mph- about 4x higher than other systems in the market), passenger convenience, economic value, operational control, and merge high-density traffic streams safely at high speeds, all designed to achieve a Mean Time Between Unsafe Failures in excess of 1,000,000,000 hours. Its inexpensive vehicle-carried controller allows the vehicle subsystem to be fabricated entirely with commercial off-the-shelf components, improving transit operating efficiencies to potentially achieve subsidy-free operation (fare box recovery).

Wayside Worker Protection.

Led business part of team that was awarded most-favored technology and $5M grant from the Federal Transit Administration to demonstrate a fail-safe system using very low-cost methods to track the location of all operating trains and warn track workers. Included fail-safely force for trains to a stop if track workers do not acknowledge having received the warning.


Web-based Technology

Security Monitoring and Tracking.

Identified and delivered major strategic logistical partner, as well as structuring of new business, for a leading global cargo container security monitoring and tracking system to be operated in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.


Led early growth and served as Vice Chairman, and then CEO, of B2C collaborative e-commerce startup originating out of a Stanford University group. Acquired by a public company.

Mobile Commerce.

Served as COO and CFO, built financial model and business plan, led market and technical research, recruited senior staff, setup database and information systems, and prepared strategic and tactical options for start-up that linked camera cellphone, advertising, mass media and payment.

Supply Chain Management.

Identified and delivered three Fortune 100 companies as potential strategies partners, developed plans and delivered business experts for expanding leading B2B cloud-based supply chain management solution to other industry verticals.

Medical Technology

Gene-based Diagnostics and Preventative Healthcare.

Served as corporate advisor and strategic partner developer for business that uses novel therapeutics to leverage proprietary gene-based companion diagnostics and deliver appropriate, personalized patient care for the treatment of serious, chronic and debilitating diseases.

Sleep Apnea, Monitoring.

Recruited key strategic partners for commercializing a non-contact (radar) wireless home healthcare monitoring, reporting and diagnostic device for sleep apnea and other human vitals.


Finance, Venture Capital and Business Management

Financial Services.

Co-founded and managed an international trade finance business that became Master Agent for a major supply chain and shipping company in Mexico, Chile and Argentina, and a leading client of US Ex-Im Bank. Acquired by a large, international financial services firm.

Portfolio Management for Non-Profit Organization, Foundation.

Chairman of the Investment Committee that manages a $45M investment portfolio for a 27,000 member international non-profit education and research organization. Identified and vetted candidates investment advisors, recruited investment committee members and led strategic direction for the portfolio, consistently performing in the top quartile for funds of comparable size.

Corporate Strategies.

Provided an enterprise valuation analysis, financing analysis, and corporate planning strategies for a variety of successful engineering firms with multiple offices. Outlined processes for handling shareholder exits and acquisition of shares by new hires, management options regarding equity retention and control, and succession planning.  Developed organizational plans and a short list for accounting and financial support, outlined M&A opportunities.

Venture Capital.

Introduced strategic industry relationships and provided market intelligence for multiple web-based portfolio companies belonging to a successful Silicon Valley VC.

Recruited and facilitated relationships between potential strategic partners, investors and acquisition sources for a leading data-driven cloud-based commerce solution platform that delivers critical business information and operational efficiencies within the supply chain to major distribution industries.

Identified and led introduction to family office interested in investing in or acquiring a leading SaaS and data analytics business that develops and delivers workplace wellness programs to major companies.

M&A advisor for environmental engineering firms, financial services and web-based firms.