2016 November- Data integration and analytics platform for a university admissions, retention

Delivered subject matter experts (Director of Academic Analytics; plus a Provost/Chief Academic and Budget Officer/Sr Associate Dean) in conjunction with top data and analytics team to provide predictive and prescriptive modeling for a long-term analytics strategy and answering a multitude of questions across the student life-cycle. Includes helping the University understand what the numbers are saying regarding admissions, course enrollment, yield rates and revenue integration, workload, retention, financial aid, productivity, grades, student success, and leveraging existing University technology investments.

2016 September- Strategic Partner for Cloud-Based Supply Chain Solution

Delivered potential strategic business partner, as well as a companion data & analytics team, for leveraging critical business information and operational efficiencies within the supply chain to major distribution industries.

2016 September- Annual Portfolio Report to Non-Profit Foundation

As Chairman, reported investment portfolio performance results for the past 12 months, with an outlook for the future, to the Executive Council and Board of Trustees of a large non-profit. The portfolio performed in the top quartile for similarly-sized funds.

2016 August- Local Distributed Power System- Solar Power Generation, Energy Storage, Load Trimming, Utility Interfaces, Monitoring & Predictive Services

Identified and assembled team to provide alternative energy systems that can be built and used on Indian Reservations.

2016 February- Corporate Advisory, Professional Consulting Firm

Led an enterprise valuation analysis, financing analysis, and corporate planning strategies, including equity retention and control, and potential strategic acquisition assessment, to a successful boutique engineering firm with multiple offices.

2016 January- Federal Transit Administration Grant Awarded

TCS was awarded a $5M grant from the Federal Transit Administration to demonstrate, at full scale, very low-cost, fail-safe methods to track the location of all operating trains and warn track workers.

2015 November- GTL Plant Development

Financial support and environmental permitting advice was delivered to a leading GTL business building modular plants  that produce premium gasoline from natural gas sources.

2015 August- Cargo Container Security Monitoring and Tracking System

Identified and delivered major strategic logistical partner for a leading global cargo container security monitoring and tracking system to be operated in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

October 2014– Medical diagnostic testing, data mining, analytics, predictive medicine/machine learning and content intelligence for the life sciences

Assembled key strategic business, institutional advisory and technical-support relationships for a medical diagnostic business before it went on the public market.  The business will provide the first non-invasive test for accurately and economically identifying the leading causes of infertility, and dramatically changing women’s heath care, through commercialization of novel gene-based diagnostics, preventative care, and companion drugs.

September 2013- Li-Ion Silicon-Graphene Battery Development

CFSF identified and delivered key strategic business partners for developing and commercializing the cathode and anode as part of a new, carbon nanotech (graphene) technologies business. California Lithium Battery’s SiGr battery anode material has shown to increase battery energy density and specific capacity by 300% in independent tests.

March 2013- Investment Portfolio Advisor Assessment

CFSF led a large (25,000 member) non-profit advisor search and assessment process as Chairman of its investment committee. The committee tasked CFSF to produce and execute a plan for reviewing their current investment advisor and other candidates as part of their $40 million investment portfolio management. That scope of work included identifying qualified firms, developing and issuing an RFP, interviewing candidates, and facilitating the assessment of the attributes and benefits that each candidate brings.

August 2012- Business valuation, succession planning, corporate structuring and financing

CFSF provided an enterprise valuation analysis, financing analysis, and tax-efficient strategies under various transactional scenarios for a successful engineering firm with multiple offices. Processes for handling shareholder exits and acquisition of shares by new hires, management options regarding equity retention and control, and succession planning were presented.  The scope of work also included the development of an organizational plan and then a short list for accounting and financial support in the form of qualified outside accountants and CFO candidates to complement and support their in-house staff. The result was substantially-increased cashflow to shareholders and the company’s operations (31%) over status quo, increased ownership to other shareholders, and delivered other benefits to staff and incoming employees.

May 2012 CIMA Capital Acquired

CFSF was a co-founder of CIMA Capital, LLC, an international trade finance firm serving Latin American and US businesses. In May 2012, UPS Capital acquired CIMA Capital. CIMA served as Master Agent for UPS Capital (Business Credit) in Mexico, Chile and Argentina, originating more than $200 million in loans with 99% loan approval rate and less than 1% default rate (more than 300 loans). CIMA’s main offices were in San Diego and Mexico City.

February 2012- Desalination Water Supply for Large Vegetable Farming Operations

CFSF was selected as Project Developer to design, build, install, operate and maintain the water supply facility for use in farming various crops within the Mexico. Feed water supply (well water) for the proposed facility contains salt and other impurities. Therefore, the proposed water system required desalination and filtration technologies to remove the salt as well as other impurities from the feed water and treat to meet the current regulations for its use in farming. The treatment units were designed to be flexible to transport within the farming area, near the feed water facilities. The treatment system was crafted as Mobile Water Treatment System (MWTS). Product water from the proposed facility will be blended, as necessary, with feed water before is applied for farming use.

February 2012- Strategic Planning, Environmental Engineering

CFS reviewed corporate information, organized, advised and led strategic planning for a highly-respected, mid-sized engineering firm on the West Coast. A Workbook was prepared for senior management, and a framework for and coaching of their strategic planning process was completed. CFSF directed the elements of vision, assessments of internal and external conditions, challenges, opportunities, and strategic initiatives, yielding a successful plan for execution.

January 2012– Transportation Control Solutions founded

Co-founded and built a transportation technology development and licensing company, Transit Control Solutions, Inc, that is engineering a high-performance vehicle control system for safely controlling automated, driverless vehicles with a one second separation at speeds in excess of 60 mph. The significance of TCS’ breakthrough solution is that, for the first time, systems that operate small vehicles running on far less expensive infrastructure can achieve a superior cost/benefit over conventional transportation systems, with carrying capacity matching conventional heavy rail systems.