I have known Carl for nearly twenty years and he has always delivered pursuant to his commitment. Be it as a CEO, COO, CFO, Board Member, or objective Advisor, Carl has the management and operational skills to understand and complete the objective.

Eric Hardgrave, General Partner
Acuity Ventures


Carl exemplifies the highest caliber of character and integrity; and he honors his professional relationships with a strong sense of business ethics.
Mr. Fricke is innovative, self-motivated, and results-oriented in leading roles in entrepreneurial business development, business planning and corporate strategies, financial and organizational structuring, capital raising, team building, training and mentoring. He has proven and respected ability to focus and execute under difficult circumstances, and build technical and management teams growing them from start-up and early stage into successful larger-scale enterprises.

John Wise, Deputy Regional Administrator
US Environmental Protection Agency


Carl Fricke’s expertise is deep and very rich. His capabilities reach way beyond his engineering and consultative background. His knowledge spans many different industries and disciplines. His business acumen, passion and commitment to any project he is working on are unparalleled. He is equally comfortable as an executive, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, consultant, financier or turn-around specialist. What sets Carl apart is his integrity which is beyond reproach. He is honest, genuine in his desire to help and very personable.

Steve Farrell, Founder & Managing Partner
Presidium Partners


Carl has an excellent ability to grasp what the value proposition is in a concept and to propose substantive ways to tap its economic potential.

Bill MacKenzie, CTO Gamut Interactive/Smart TV
Senior Executive at Apple and Palm


Carl Fricke is well-recognized within the geosciences and other communities for being an outstanding business executive, technical consultant, doer, and manager. He has been and is successful in academic, geosciences consulting, renewable energy/environmental engineering, water resources, waste management, electronic and venture capital endeavors. As a Trustee of the Geological Society of America Foundation (GSAF), he represents that group on the Investment Committee where he is a leader (Chairman) in managing the joint GSAF/GSA portfolio. Be it from getting involved with field operations, project management, web-based technology, investments, or CEO/COO/CFO activities, Carl gets it done.

Dr. David Stephenson, President & Executive Director
Geological Society of America Foundation


Carl has served as the Chair for the Geological Society of America and Geological Society of America Foundation combined Investment Committee for several years and has provided outstanding leadership and guidance for portfolio stewardship. Under Carl’s direction, the Committee has been very active and engaged in performing portfolio management. Additionally, Carl initiated a thorough review of Investment Advisors to ensure that portfolio management be provided at the highest level possible in the current uncertain times. I highly recommend Carl for any function/position where solid investment guidance or expertise is required.

Thomas Haberthier, Controller
Geological Society of America


Carl combines big picture thinking with leadership and operational expertise to take companies to the next level with first-hand experience as a CEO of a major firm, as well as being a serial entrepreneur and investor with extensive global knowledge and network in energy, mobile and software technology and the environment. He grasps concepts quickly and can bring together a high-level team for a project, fresh funding or new company, and strengthens organizational functionalities. Carl also very successfully integrates across multiple disciplines, bringing dispersed and apparently disparate technologies, people and operations together to create a harmonious, profitable unit.

Kare Anderson, Emmy-Winning Columnist, Author, Reporter
NBC, Wall Street Journal