Our Approach

We identify and build strategic relationships, understand how potential revenues and profits can flow, and how resources can be put to best use.

We appreciate the value of a win-win relationship, and are able to broker the appropriate players to engage and prosper.

Our approach is always ethical and well-planned, and the results are tangible.

But  it is even more about the teams that we help than the markets themselves.

We target businesses and teams that:

– are intensely deliberative, strongly motivated by principles; incredibly passionate, thoughtful; a committed entrepreneur working to make other’s dreams a reality

-have intoxicating energy and are instinctive, scrappy, creative and nimble

– are dependable and accountable

– know and can facilitate different worlds (of people and things)

– can bring apparently disparate and dispersed technologies and people together to leverage and create harmonious and profitable unit/product/service with good chemistry

– know and can make deals happen

– know providers and customers; have a strong referral, professional, technical network

– can bring complementary companies or experts in to facilitate and close deals

– can leverage company’s strengths, build and/or expand on existing assets, resources

– are familiar with investment and funding/the financing world, operations, science and technology

– have deep operational and financial expertise, strategic and tactical planning, political (governmental) sensitivities

– desire to solidify company’s reputation in existing markets

We seek:

– senior management or advisory/consulting roles

– a well-positioned firm with a base of outstanding people but missing some key ingredients (ideas, people capabilities, functionalities).

– businesses ready and able to grow or expand the organization or the markets profitably, but where strengths are not leveraged well, can add tech or niche markets, integrate broad or diverse elements that would be synergistic

– could be turn-around but needs to have fundamental qualities, assets, authority, resources, and internal willingness and commitment to make the changes

– a firm that is well-established and doing well in at least one major market